New York Times Articles 1963-69



“Pontiff’s Advocacy of Reform Is Reflected in His Encyclicals,” April 1, p.19.

“Proposed Park at Breezy Point Hotly Supported and Derided,” April 20, p.55.

“Telstar II’s Test Is Half a Success,” May 8, p.22.

“Slump a Worry at Niagara Falls; Civic Leaders Troubled,” May 26, p.74.

“Erie G.O.P. Split Threatens Mahoney’s Power and Governor’s Prestige,” May 28, p.26.

“Costikyan Drops Politics for Day to Wield Baton,” June 16, p.45.

“Railmen Here Despair of Jobs Under New Rules,” July 8, p.12.

“Bus Tourists See The Seamier Side,” Aug. 18, p.64.

“Confusion Reigns as 945 on Liner Switch Plans,” Sept.  16, p.38.

“TB In City Takes ‘Alarming Rise’,” Sept.  27, p.31.

“$100,000 Donated To Fight TB Here,” Sept.  28, p.10.

“Illegal Traffic In Pigeons Found; Thousands of Pigeons are Sold for Eating,” Oct. 12, p.38.

“Preferment for Negroes Is Sought,” Oct. 28, p.1.

“Disparity Found In Hospital Use,” Nov. 10, p.61.

“Funeral Pricing Studied by State,” Nov. 20, p.1.

“Schools Approve Classes on V.D.,” Nov. 21, p.63.

“City Acts Halt Sniffing OP Glue,” Dec. 18, p.43.

“Indictments Sought; Hogan’s Office In Theater Inquiry,” Dec. 21, p.1.

“City Tights Body Assails Schools,” Dec. 22, p.1.

“More Are Silent at Ticket Inquiry; 25 of 28 Theater Employes Invoke Fifth Amendment,” Dec. 24, p.7.

“City Urged to Act on Building Bias; Proof of Integration Asked for Public Projects,” Dec. 28, p. 1.


”City Plans Drive On Rats in Slums,” Jan. 11, p.1.

“Lefkowitz Seeks Power to Watch Theaters’ Books.” Jan. 17, p.1.

“Theater Inquiry Speeded in Part; Indictments in Some Cases Sought in a Few Weeks.” Jan. 18, p.15.

“City to Combat Rats,” Jan. 22, p.1.

“State is Watching ‘Dolly” Box Office,” Jan. 24, p.29.

“Funeral Inquiry Reports ‘Threat’,” Jan. 29, p.17.

“State Checking Tickets to Met,” Jan. 30, p.24.

“Jersey is Joining Drive on Scalping,” Feb. 1, p.12.

“City Strengthens its Rights Board,” Feb. 7, p.29.

“German Measles at Epidemic Rate,” Feb. 8, p.25.

“Theater Witness is Killed in Plunge,” Feb. 11, p.1.

“Theater Inquiry Sifts Weiss Death,” Feb. 12, p.30.

“17 Centers to Aids on Housing Bias,” Feb. 19, p.30 .

“Taxes May be Cut in Theater Bills,” Feb. 22, p.15.

“Funeral Abuses Attacked in Bill,” Feb. 27, p.1.

“Columbia Names in Rights Inquiry,” Feb. 28, p.15.

“Elmhurst Class: Ideas and Humans,” March 1, p.82.

“Rent Cuts Sought in City Rat War,” March 3, p.1.

“State Says Union Barred Negroes for Last 76 Years,” March 5, p.1.

“N.A.A.C.P. Attacks Union in Bias Case,” March 7, p.52.

“City Hiring Tests in Spanish Asked,” March 19, p.35.

“State Bias Ruling Bars Home Sale,” March 21, p.12.

“City Conducting a Health Survey,” March 22, p.61.

“Union is Ordered to Open its Rolls,” March 24, p.1.

“City Plans Drive on TB in Schools,” March 25, p.1.

“City to Widen Aid to Aged Patients,” March 27, p.29.

“City Is Making Rapid Gains in Battle to Clean Up Rat-Infested Apartments,” April 10, p.24.

“Undertaker Laments Funereal Gibes,” April 16, p.39.

“Single Phone Number on Housing Complaints Asked,” April 22, p. 40.

“New Racial Job Crisis,” April 29, p.27.

“Puerto Ricans and Negro Are Hired, Plumbers Quit,” May 1, p.1.

“White Plumbers Refuse to Work for Second Day,” May 2, p.1.

“City Rights Panel Balked On Walkout of Plumbers,” May 5, p.1.

“Plumbers’ Dispute May Halt Project,” May 6, p.1.

“Plumbers Face Action,” May 7, p.25.

“President Enters Plumbers’ Dispute,” May 9, p.1.

“CORE Pickets Plumbers Union Office,” May 12, p.29.

“Pickets Blockade Plumbers’ Office,” May 13, p.41.

“Meany Supports Bronx Plumbers,” May 15, p.1.

“Plumbers Agree to a Wagner Plan to End Walkout,” May 16, p.1.

“Three Plumbers Fail Union Test,” May 19, p.1.

“Plumbers’ Issue Got Out of Hand,” May 23, p.11.

“Police Oppose Wider Power for Auxiliaries to Fight Crime,” June 3, p.27.

“Dinty Moore’s Reflects Opulence of a Gone Era,” June 4, p.44.

“Dockers’ Merger Spurs Negro Aims,” June 15, p.58.

“Woman Hammers Her Ballot Home,” Aug. 7, p.10.

“Gray Reports Improvement in Slums,” Aug. 11, p.25.

“O’Dwyer to Offer Riot Losses Bill,” Aug. 12, p.23.

“Captain Involved in Graft Inquiry Quits,” Aug. 22, p.22.

“Haryou Will Get U.S. and City Fund of $4.4 Million,” Aug. 26, p.1.

“City Clinics Plan to Fight Smoking,” Aug. 31, p.1.

“City Aide Heard in Meter Inquiry,” Oct. 1, p.37.

“Vandals’ Damage High in City,” Oct. 2, p.39.

“Teacher Cleared of Theft Charges,” Oct. 3, p.13.

“A Brief in Rhyme RE: Off-Duty Time,” Oct. 10, p.29.

“Mystery Illness Hits 26 Babies,” Oct. 16, p.43.

“Diapers Suspect in Illness of 26,” Oct. 17, p.31.

“Kennedy Favored by Puerto Ricans,” Oct. 18, p.88.

“Retailer Seeks Cut in Payments,” Oct. 20, p.56.

“Harlem Gambler Slain,” Oct. 21, p.23.

“Blue-Ba Scare Flares and Dies,” Oct. 22, p.37.

“Prison Hospital in City Proposed,” Oct. 24, p.31.

“Liquor Curbs Die; No Price War Due,” Nov. 1, p.1.

“Wider Use Urged of Underground,” Nov. 15, p.84.

“CORE Here to Drop Sit-Ins as Principal Tactic,” Nov. 17, p.35.

“2 U.S. Aides Back Social Protests,” Nov. 19, p.1.

“Billions in Losses Seen in Closings,” Nov. 20, p.1.

“Rockefeller Move Eases Tax Needs,” Dec. 25, p.1.

“Republicans End 30-Year Reign in the Legislature as It Adjourns,” Dec. 31, p.7.


“Rockefeller Host to 1,947 Visitors,” Jan. 2, p.17.

“Crime Predicting Scored as a Peril,” Jan. 8, p.31.

“Parish School Aid for Poverty Hit,” Jan. 10, p.61.

“Welfare Strike Is Unresolved; Union Chiefs Cheered in Jail,” Jan. 23, p.12.

“City Will Force Repairs in Slums,” Jan. 24, p.1.

“Mayor Appoints Welfare Panel,” Jan. 29, p.1.

“State’s Pensions May Set Trend,” Jan. 31, p.39.

“De Hirsch Fund Chooses Leader,” Feb. 6, p.17.

“Governor Stands Firm on Plans for Budget and Tax Rises,” Feb. 9, p.30.

“Governor Seeks New Haven Fund,” Feb. 10, p.43.

“Levitt Criticizes Student Aid Plan,” Feb. 11, p.34.

“Albany Leaders Reduce Salaries of Top Staff Men,” Feb. 16, p.1.

“New Law Asked on Confessions,” Feb. 17, p.1.

“Marchi Called ‘Irresponsible’ In Youth Mobilization Inquiry,” Feb. 18, p.27.

“Democrats in Legislature to End Duplicate Bill-Filing as Waste,” Feb. 22, p.1.

“Mass Vaccination on Measles Urged,” Feb. 24, p.43.

“Levitt Proposes Budget Slashes,” Feb. 26, p.1.

“Assembly Splits on Drinking Age,” March 3, p.32.

“Two Traffic Bills Killed in Albany,” March 10, p.19.

“Assembly Action Aids Judges Here,” March 11, p.35.

“Court Condemns Police Brutality,” March 12, p.21.

“Assembly Gets Bill to Block Use Of Pan Am Building’s Heliport,” March 24, p. 31.

“Zaretzki Admits Budget Failure,” March 26, p.1.

“Housing Program Gains in Albany,” March 30, p.33.

“New Plan Urged for School Board,” March 31, p.41.

“G.O.P. May Move to End Deadlock on State Budget,” April 2, p.1.

“G.O.P. Blocks Vote on State Budget,” April 8, p.1.

“Budget Deadlock is Still Unbroken,” April 13, p.41.

“Sales Tax Passed,” April 15, p.1.

“Action Deferred On Blue Cross Bid,” April 21, p.23.

“Legislative Unit Fails to Reach Agreement on Blue Cross Bills,” April 28, p.33.

“2-Year Extension Granted to S.I.C.,” April 29, p.35.

“Democrats Press Districting Plan,” May 3, p.1.

“Housewife’s Idea Voted by Senate,” May 4, p.32.

“Democrats Press Ethics Measures,” May 6, p.27.

“Slum Aid Likely, Albany Reports,” May 9, p.47.

“Joyful Republicans Look For Victory at the Polls,” May 11, p.1.

“Convention Plan on Districts Wins,” May 13, p.1.

“Assembly to Vote on Code of Ethics Today For 2nd Time,” May 17, p.1.

“Changes in Bill on Ethics Delay Vote in Assembly,” May 18, p.1.

“Governor Assails Bill to Abolish Death Penalty as Not Complete,” May 19, p.53.

“State Democrats Seek a Labor Bill,” May 23, p.1.

“Assembly, in Switch, Votes To Tighten Code of Ethics,” May 25, p.1.

“State Ethics Code Held Up in Senate,” May 26, p.33.

“Zaretzki Seeks Ban,” May 27, p.1.

“Vote Due Today on Drinking Age,” June 7, p.40.

“Albany Advances Bill to Open Files,” June 10, p.1.

“Albany to Study Divorce Reform,” June 11, p.33.

“City’s Budget Bills Delay Legislature,” June 14, p.43.

“Lawmakers Ease Strike Penalties,” June 16, p.1.

“S.I.C. Investigates City Women’s Jail,” June 18, p.37.

“New Racing Plan Leads to Threats,” June 23, p.1.

“Even the Legislators’ Cigars Lost Their Freshness,” June 24, p.20.

“Governor Signs Bill Ordering Apartment Peepholes,” July 1, p.33.

“New Insanity Law in Effect in State,” July 8, p.1.

“Renewal Ruling Favors a Utility,” July 15, p.31.

“Rockefeller Signs Slum Refund Bill,” July 17, p.27.

“Governor Vetoes Extension of Pay for the Jobless,” July 18, p.1.

“Governor Approves Bills Aimed at Hazards to Health and Safety,” July 20, p.1.

“New Sabbath Law Signed in Albany,” July 21, p.39.

“Governor Vetoes Local Districting,” July 23, p.32.

“Over the Bridge They Go to Staten Island’s Beaches,” July 29, p.29.

“Desalting Talks to be Held Here,” Aug. 2, p.31.

“Police, at Forum, Face Their Critics,” Aug. 3, p.15.

“50-Mile Pipeline for Fuel Resumed,” Aug. 5, p.31.

“Lawyers Explain Hillhouse Grades,” Aug. 6, p.29.

“Floods and Fires in City,” Aug. 10, p.1.

“City Acts on Vote by Puerto Ricans,” Aug. 12, p.1.

“Principal Retains Teacher Status in Grading Case,” Aug. 13, p.59.

“City Links Violate City Water Rules,” Aug. 14, p.1.

“Sociologists Say Latest Riots Differ From Those of the Past,” Aug. 17, p.17.

“Mayor Endorses Screvane Ticket,” Aug. 18, p.1.

“Fried Grasshoppers on L.I.R.R.? Party Car Gets Frogs’ Legs, Too,” Aug. 20, p.31.

“Screvane, Beame Clash Over Fair,” Aug. 24, p.27.

“Legislative Chiefs Ask Governor To Call Session on Redistricting,” Aug. 26, p.38.

“Screvane Scores Lindsay on Vote,” Aug. 27, p.18.

“100,000 Shoppers Mob Alexander’s Opening,” Aug. 31, p.35.

“Lindsay Urges U.S. to Bar Youth Corps Cut Here,” Sept. 3, p.28.

“Lindsay Spending Tops All 5 Others,” Sept. 9, p.1.

“City is Expected to Sue on Meters,” Sept. 15, p.43.

“Vote Projection Fails on Lehman,” Sept.16, p.93.

“Sharing the Financial Burden,” Oct. 5, p. SU7.

“Lindsay and Buckley Duel,” Oct. 12, p.1.

“Article 1 – No Title,” Oct. 15, p.19.

“Cubans in Miami Rush to Help Kin,” Oct. 24, p.60.

“Buckley Proposes to Cut Cars in City,” Oct. 28, p.1.

“Buckley Asserts a Vote for Him Will Be ‘Vision of a New Order’,” Nov. 2, p.1.

“Lindsay Advised to Sweep Clean,” Nov. 4, p.50.

“O’Connor Drafts His Own Program for City Council,” Nov. 5, p.1.

“Morning After at Con Edison: Repairmen, Phones and Coffee,” Nov. 11, p.36.

“Ford Fund Names a New Chairman,” Nov. 17, p.50.

“Beame Scores Lindsay’s Remark on ‘Bankruptcy’,” Nov. 18, p.41.

“Con Ed to be Sued,” Nov. 22, p.1.

“Haryou Accepts Fiscal Reforms,” Nov. 23, p.35.

“Lindsay Campaign Costs Of $2.5 Million Reported,” Nov. 24, p.1.

“Can Signs Be Art? Creators Say Yes,” Nov. 25, p.65.

“Plane Lands on George Washington Bridge,” Dec. 27, p.1.

“Moses Defends Road Brochures,” Dec. 29, p.38.

“Harlem Agency Accuses City of Holding Up Funds,” Dec. 30, p.11.


“Governor to Strengthen State Law Enforcement,” Jan. 5, p.18.

“Governor Scored in Transit Strike,” Jan. 6, p.13.

“Freshmen Legislators Get Tops On Fine Points of Running State,” Jan. 7, p.10.

“Negro Appointed Assembly Whip,” Jan. 11, p.47.

“Governor Limits Road Fund Rise,” Jan. 13, p.42.

“Rockefeller Seeks Youth Fund Rise,” Jan. 14, p.54.

“Governor To Ask More For Health,” Jan. 17, p.22.

“Assembly ‘Clears’ Carlino’s Racetrack Lobbying,” Jan. 18, p.26.

“Mayor, In Albany, Finds Well is Dry,” Jan. 19, p.1.

“Desmond Scores State On Crime,” Jan. 20, p.26.

“Police Not Pushing Moonlighting Bill,” Jan. 24, p.19.

“Lottery is Likely to Pass in Albany,” Jan. 25, p.1.

“Albany Trying Again on Lottery,” Jan. 30, p.E4.

“Sunday Campaign is Ever So Serene,” Jan. 31, p.19.

“Catholic Church Bids Legislature Delay on Divorce,” Feb. 2, p.1.

“Divorce Bill Poll Cheers Sponsors,” Feb. 3, p.1.

“Mayor Preparing a Bill to Control Transit Agencies,” Feb. 8, p.1.

“Assembly Passes State Lottery Bill,” Feb. 9, p.1.

“Albany Aid Seen on Transit ‘Czar’,” Feb. 11, p.29.

“Catholic Bishops Shift on Divorce,” Feb. 14, p.1.

“Legislature Cool to Bill Allowing Transit Pay Rise,” Feb. 15, p.1.

“Transit Pay Rise Stalled a 2D Day,” Feb. 16, p. L1.

“Transit Pay Bill Passed in Albany to Avert Strike,” Feb. 17, p.1.

“Lindsay Modifies His Transit Plan,” Feb. 18, p.1.

“Democrats Halt Albany Parleys on Redistricting,” Feb. 21, p.1.

“Governor to Aid Lindsay on Taxes,” Feb. 22, p.1.

“Protestants Back Divorce Reform, but Urge Amended Section on Separation,” Feb. 23, p.28.

“City Blocks Police Fight on Albany Bill,” Feb. 24, p.26.

“Ex-Welfare Aids Await Back Raise,” Feb. 26, p.10.

“City May be Site of State Parks,” March 2, p.28.

“Assembly Debate Opens Prematurely With a Commuter Defense,” March 3, p.1.

“G.O.P. Legislators Link City Tax Plan To a Fare Increase,” March 4, p.1.

“State May Base Insurance Rates on Autos’ Safety,” March 5, p.1.

“Bill on Divorce Being Amended,” March 8, p.28.

“State Deplores Women’s Prison,” March 9, p.1.

“Democrats Offer Bill in Albany To Spur Low-Income Housing,” March 10, p.36.

“Districting Plan Almost Finished,” March 14, p.1.

“Governor Seeks Accord on Taxes and Transit Plan,” March 16, p.1.

“Assembly is Tense in Busing Dispute,” March 18, p.25.

“State Sets Guides for Medicare Aid,” March 21, p.26.

“Assembly Passes Bill to Allow Vest-Pocket Parks,” March 22, p.27.

“Albany Leaders Offer Own Bill to Ease Divorce,” March 24, p.1.

“Trivia to Delay Assembly’s Vote on Divorce Bill,” March 28, p.1.

“Albany to Soften Bill on Divorce,” March 19, p.25.

“Lindsay Yielding on Transit Unity,” May 30, p.1.

“Legislators Take Two-Week Recess,” April 1, p.1.

“Travia Reviving 2 Ethics Bills, And Legislature Faces a Battle,” April 2, p.11.

“City Acts to Stem Cigarette Influx,” April 4, p.1.

“Rockefeller Signs Bills On Narcotics,” April 7, p.35.

“State Panel Asks for Replacement of Condon-Wadlin,” April 8, p.1.

“Legislature Aims At Mid-May Close,” April 18, p.1.

“A 2D $1,000 ‘Lulu” For Legislators,” April 19, p.1.

“Lindsay is Facing Transit Setback,” April 20, p.1.

“State May Assist Victims of Crime,” April 21, p.34.

“Way is Smoothed For Divorce Bill,” April 22, p.26.

“Divorce Reforms, First in 179 Years, Enacted in State,” April 28, p.1.

“Con Edison Rise to be Reviewed,” April 29, p.96.

“Lindsay Drops Veto Plan From Transit Unity Bills,” May 3, p.1.

“Governor Plans Own Strike Bill,” May 5, p.1.

“Rockefeller Bill Asks Union Curbs,” May 6, p.1.

“Law Said to Bar Police Birchers,” May 10, p.1.

“State Senators Act to Save Met,” May 11, p.40.

“Albany Votes Bill to Force Police to Patrol Private Housing Here,” May 12, p.32.

“Antistrike Bill May be Softened,” May 16, p.25.

“State Judgeship Filled,” May 18, p.34.

“Increase is Voted in Schoolbook Aid,” May 19, p.38.

“3 State Bills Filed to Help Keep Ex-Convicts on Straight Path,” May 20, p.33.

“Lindsay Willing to Halve His Tax on Commuters,” May 23, p.1.

“Assembly Backs Suspects’ Rights,” May 24, p.35.

“Albany Holds up City Judgeships,” May 25, p.34.

“Travia Proposes $200-Million Cut in Lindsay Taxes,” May 26, p.1.

“G.O.P. Would Ease State Strike Curbs Urged Governor,” May 27, p.1.

“Albany Gets Bill for School Bonds,” June 2, p.1.

“Rockefeller Seeks Regional Agency to Direct Transit,” June 3, p.1.

“Legislature Split Over Strike Law,” June 8, p..1

“Governor Pushes for a Strike Bill,” June 10, p.30.

“Mayor Will Seek Accord on Taxes in Albany Today,” June 13, p.1.

“Brydges May Bow on the Condon Act,” June 14, p.1.

“Albany Talks Tax Shirt Supply and Strain City’s Smile Budget,” June. 16 p.41.

“How Tax Drama Unfolded in Albany,” June 17, p.1.

“City Tax Package Hits Albany Snag over Collection,” June 20, p.1.

“Assembly Votes Polio-Shots Bill,” June 21, p.26.

“Rockefeller Backs Bill to Aid City U.,” June 22, p.1.

“Bill Voted to Aid City University,” June 23, p.37.

“Amendment Due on Textbook Aid,” June 28, p.47.

“Governor Signs School Aid Rise,” June 30, p.16.

“State Budget Due to Pass $4-Billion,” July 1, p.1.

“City U. Expansion Voted in Albany,” July 2, p.1.

“Legislators Due to Raise Salaries $5,000 a Year,” July 5, p.1.

“$2-Million Raises Passed in Albany,” July 6, p.1.

“L.I. School’s Ban on Seeger Concert is Ruled Unconstitutional,” July 8, p.31.

“City Aide Scores Addict Care Plan,” July 11, p.29.

“Samuels Backed Monroe Group,” July 12, p.32.

“State Democrats Pick Burns Again,” July 13, p.27.

“Coney Fight Brings Complaints On Police and Stirs Civic Fears,” July 14, p.22.

“Jobless Payrolls Now Cover Maids,” July 23, p.19.

“City Nursing Home Study Finds Rats and Crowding,” July 29, p.1.

“City Spurs Study of Nursing Homes,” July 30, p.27.

“Young G.O.P. Votes Rat Finks Purge,” Aug. 14, p.1.

“Police in Chicago Clash with Whites after 3 Marches,” Aug. 15, p.1.

“Leaders Gloomy on Chicago Peace,” Aug. 16, p.16.

“Lindsay Expects Costello to Stay,” Aug. 21, p.41.

“Scar Removal Found to Reduce Repeaters Among Ex-Convicts,” Aug. 22, p.1.

“Kennedy Cool to Role in Constitutional Convention,” Aug. 28, p.72.

“O’Connor Bids Roosevelt and Liberals Forgo Race,” Sept.  4, p.1.

“House Approves Plan for Hudson,” Sept. 7, p.26.

“Phone Installers Gain Big Pay Rise,” Sept. 8, p.38 .

“Lindsay Accuses U.S. of Lag in Aid,” Sept. 13, p.36.

“City Spurs Search for U.S. Aid Funds,” Sept. 16, p.66.

“Kennedy Charges Rockefeller Bars Constitutional Convention Preparations,” Sept. 26, p.33.

“Former Leader of Unions Here Accused of Company Collusion,” Sept. 28, p.31.

“Javits Implies Kennedy Evades Role at ’67 Charter Convention,” Sept. 29, p.41.

“Rockefeller Cites Gain in Revenues,” Oct. 1, p.1.

“House Committee Agrees on New Plan to Cut U.S. Funds for Medicaid,” Oct. 6, p.25.

“House Unit Cuts U.S. Funds for State Medicaid,” Oct. 7, p.20.

“Rockefeller Plan on Hudson Valley Scored Udall,” Oct. 9, p.1.

“Mental Patients Win Court Point,” Oct. 11, p.30.

“U.S. Agency Is Expected to Approve State’s Medicaid Program,” Oct. 24, p.23.

“Tunnel And Ind to Meet at 58th,” Oct. 27, p.49.

“Birchers Linked to Review Fight,” Oct. 28, p.44.

“Yale President Chides Harvard,” Oct. 30, p.1.

“O’Connor Pushes Rights as Issue,” Oct. 31, p.39.

“Buckley Wins Cheers of 2,000 at Midtown Conservative Rally,” Nov. 1, p.29.

”The Men Behind the Bitter Fight over Civilian Review Board,” Nov. 6, p.87.

“Governor Is Upstate Barnstorming on the Final Day,” Nov. 8, p.28.

“A ‘Major Error’ Laid to O’Connor,” Nov. 14, p.30.

“City to Dry Out Bowery Drunks,” Nov. 22, p.29.

“City to Let Convicts Take Outside Jobs During Day,” Dec. 12, p.1.

“Procaccino Turns Down Bills for Lindsay’s Little City Halls,” Dec. 24, p.12.

“Break in Water Main Floods a Section of Harlem,” Dec. 31, p.1.


“State Control Urged for 62 County Jails,” Jan. 1, p.1.

“St. Francis Lease Arranged,” Jan. 2, p.21.

“Rockefeller Calls For ‘Just Society’ As He is Sworn In,” Jan. 3, p.1.

“Legislators Seek Reins on Lottery,” Jan. 4, p.1.

“Reform Drive Opens in Albany, But Party Leaders Sidetrack It,” Jan. 5, p.22.

“Chase Bank Seeks Lottery Agencies,” Jan. 6, p.35.

“City Said to Face Smog Danger Daily,” Jan. 9, p.32.

“Legislators Back Transit Program,” Jan. 10, p.45.

“Abortion Reform is Held Unlikely,” Jan. 11, p.54.

“Albany is Divided on Lottery Plan,” Jan. 17, p.1.

“Albany Pushing 2 Knotty Issues,” Jan. 18, p.29.

“Albany Favors $2 Tickets Sold at Banks in Lottery,” Jan. 19, p.1.

“How the State Lottery Will Work,” Jan. 22, p.165.

“Accord Reached on State Lottery,” Feb. 1, p.1.

“State Action Due on City Tax Forms,” Feb. 6, p.15.

“Abortion Hearing is Marked by Bitter Clashes,” Feb. 9, p.24.

“The Abortion Issue Some Pros and Cons,” Feb. 12, p.175.

“State’s 8 Catholic Bishops,” Feb. 13, p.1.

“Blumenthal Case Annoys Kennedy,” Feb. 15, p.1.

“Exemption Voted on City Tax Filing,” Feb. 16, p.41.

“Higher Minimums on Auto Insurance Asked by Governor,” Feb. 17, p.26.

“Javits Calls on Legislature to Pass Abortion Reform,” Feb. 20, p.1.

“Transit Subsidy Faces G.O.P. Fight,” Feb. 22, p.1.

“Albany Bill on Abortion Reform Attacked by Protestant Senator,” Feb. 23, p.41.

“Blumenthal, Dicarlo Argue,” Feb. 27, p.1.

“Triborough Funds Are Again Sought to Save 20c Fare,” Feb. 28, p.1.

“Assembly Delays on Abortion Bill,” March 1, p.30.

“Condon Law Snag is Laid to Unions,” March 2, p.39.

“Powell Relieved of Paying Widow $100,000 Damages,” March 3, p.1.

“40 Catholic Laymen Back Abortion Bill,” March 6, p.28.

“Election for Powell’s Seat Set by State for April 11,” March 7, p.1.

“Abortion Change Killed in Albany by Vote of 15 to 3,” March 8, p.1.

“Governor Details 3-Part Program to Save 20c Fare,” March 9, p.1.

“Albany Gives Little Hope,” March 16, p.38.

“Travia’s Counsel Won’t Aid Union,” March 17, p.46.

“Stricter Ethics Urged in Albany,” March 21, p.30.

“Lindsay Goes to Albany Again to Plead for More Aid to City,” March 22, p.50.

“Transit Power Shift,” March 24, p.31.

“Article 3 – No Title,” March 26, p.149.

“Lottery Sale Put in Western Union,” March 27, p.1.

“Condom Law Compromise Reported Near in Albany,” March 30, p.1.

“Irate Landlords Disrupt Senate,” March 31, p.40.

“Compromise Fails on No-Strike Law,” April 1, p.1.

“Accord Reached on No-Strike Law,” April 2, p.33.

“New Strike Curb on Public Aides Votes in Albany,” April 3, p.1.

“Rockefeller Cites Warning,” April 5, p.1.

“Lottery Tickets to be Sold for $1,” April 6, p.41.

“A Substitute for Condon-Wadlin if it Works,” April 9, p.179.

“Peace at Aqueduct,” April 11, p.1.

“More Prizes Due in State Lottery,” April 14, p.1.

“Elective System for Judges Urged,” April 16, p.43.

“Rockefeller Signs State Lottery Bill,” April 19, p.1.

“Lottery Prize List Revised to Improve Chance of Winning,” April 20, p.1.

“Primary Bill Puts Governor on Spot,” April 28, p.46.

“Pulitzer Board Vetoed 2D Prize,” May 8, p.48.

“Spad Quits to Aid Romney Campaign,” May 9, p.1.

“10% Lottery Fee is Asked by Banks,” May 10, p.45.

“Hotels Ask State for a Lottery Fee of 12 Per Cent,” May 11, p.41.

“More Ghetto Homes Getting Insurance,” May 17, p.37.

“Pike Pays Homage to a 1906 Heretic,” May 22, p.31.

“State To Redraw 41 District Lines,” May 23, p.32.

“Superprize of $250,000 will be Given in Lottery,” May 24, p.1.

“Reform of Courts Backed by Travia,” May 25, p.1.

“Tobin Wants Curb on Access to Files,” May 26, p.21.

“City Will Expand Newsstand Items,” May 29 , p.21.

“The Nation Joins in Paying Homage to its War Dead,” May 31, p.1.

“Lottery Tickers Go on Sale in 4,000 Locations Today,” June 1, p.1.

“Lottery Players Rush for Tickets,” June 2, p.1.

“Weaver Says Many Campus Protests Are Misdirected and Urges Queens Students to Fight Urban Ills,” June 5, p.38.

“ Lottery Survey Shows Sales Lag,” June 9, p.47.

“Governor Seeks a Power Compromise,” June 14, p.20.

“Lottery’s Sales 50% of Forecast,” June 21, p.1.

“State Rights Chairman Named to New Public Labor Board,” June 22, p.26.

“ ‘I Did That,’ Proud Dropouts Say of Their Handiwork,” June 23, p.36.

“Air Crash Clues Sought at Site Where 34 Died in Pennsylvania,” June 25, p.70.

“Judge Says Regents Can’t Ban Cheaters Without a Hearing,” July 6, p.1.

“Inside With Arts and Crafts, or Outside with a Pool Game, City’s Summer Programs Help Underprivileged,” July 7, p.35.

“6 Universities Oppose Cut in Powers of Regents,” July 10, p.36.

“Bank Figures Show State Lottery Sales Only 25% of Goal,” July 11, p.1.

“Lottery; So Far a Big Bust,” July 16, p.144.

“Albany Confirms Lottery Sale Lag,” July 19, p.24.

“Rockefeller Asks Bingo Maker’s Advice on Lottery,” July 20, p.24.

“First Two Winners in Albany Lottery Drawing Are Out-of-Staters,” July 21, p.1.

“After Year and a Half, Copter Critics Are Quieter,” July 23, p.1.

“Plan to Elect All State Judges Gains in Albany,” July 25, p.12.

“Charter Leaders Hew to Deadline,” July 26, p.25.

“Governor Backs Appointed Bench,” July 30, p.38.

“City Will Restrict Policemen’s Moonlighting Jobs,” July 31, p.19.

“Ex-Convict and Wife Hurt as Bomb Wrecks Car,” Aug. 7, p.10.

“July Lottery Dips Below June Total,” Aug. 10, p.1.

“Levitt Puts Albany Mall’s Cost Near Billion,” Aug. 14, p.36.

“State Charter Panel Votes New Wiretapping Control,” Aug. 15, p.1.

“July’s Lottery Sales Drop to 4.1 Million,” Aug. 16, p.1.

“Panel Votes Plan for More Judges,” Aug. 17, p.28.

“Governor’s Slum Parley Boycotted by Democrats,” Aug. 18, p.1.

“Why the Lottery Lags,” Aug. 20, p.E6.

“Koota Says He Will Continue to Use Bugging in Crime Cases,” Aug. 23, p.24.

“Oswald Case Aids Adoption Reform,” Aug. 24, p.19.

“Charter Parley Adjourns to the Races,” Aug. 25, p.23.

“Curbs On Bugging Backed in Albany,” Aug. 30, p.1.

“Convention Votes a New Rights Bill,” Aug. 31, p.1.

“Travia Seeking a U.S. Judgeship,” Sept.  2, p.1.

“State May Bar Salary for McLuhan,” Sept.  7, p.1.

“Lottery Sales for Aug.ust Indicate a Sharp Increase,” Sept.  8, p.1.

“Party Unity Issue Imperiling Travia Judgeship,” Sept. 11, p.57.

“Start Sought for Constitution,” Sept. 12, p.28.

“Charter Panel Drafts New Plan On Creating Judgeships in State,” Sept. 13, p.37.

“Lefkowitz Bars $100,000 Grant For McLuhan Post at Fordham,” Sept. 14, p.49.

“Dissidents Peril Free School Plan,” Sept. 15, p.50.

“Judges in Albany Resort to Rancor,” Sept. 16, p.1.

“Buffalo: ‘Nothing’s Changed’ Since Riot,” Sept. 18, p.49.

“State Gives $130-Million to City for Sewage Project on Hudson,” Sept. 19, p.53.

“Governor Asks Church-Pupil Aid and Funds for Medicaid Burden,” Sept. 20, p.1.

“Tempers and Time Short in Albany,” Sept. 22, p.49.

“Albany Votes to Restrict Funds for Private Schools,” Sept. 25, p.1.

“A Good Charter, but the Big Question is: Will the ‘Goodies’ Outweigh the Bitter in a Single Package?” Sept. 27, p.22.

“Welfare Inquiry in City Deferred,” Oct. 9, p.39.

“Urban Coalition Moves on Slums,” Oct. 10, p.39.

“Sales in Lottery are off Slightly,” Oct. 11, p.59.

“Liberties Union Opposes Charter,” Oct. 12, p.1.

“Governor Backs Charter in Split With G.O.P. Heads,” Oct. 13, p.1.

“The Constitution Shakes the Parties,” Oct. 15, p.198.

“U.S. is Upgrading Its Academic Requirements,” Oct. 15, p.1.

“Javits Says Making Decision on the Constitution Will Be ‘Tough’,” Oct. 16, p.49.

“Javits Will Vote Against Charter, But With Regret,” Oct. 17, p.1.

“Medicaid Statute Bars Garnishees,” Oct. 25, p.29.

“Sutton Opposed to Constitution,” Oct. 26, p.39.

“Travia Assails Foes of Constitution,” Oct. 30, p.23.

“Ads of Pro-Charter Group Assailed,” Oct. 31, p.33.

“3 Views on the Hot Charter Issue,” Nov. 2, p.68.

“Charter Changes Before Voters,” Nov. 3, p.47.

“Vote; Two Important Issues Right to Sue Legislative Action Despite Blame,” Nov. 5, p.E8.

“Spellman Lauds New Constitution in Church Letter,” Nov. 6, p.1.

“Voters to Decide Fate of Charter and Bonds Today,” Nov. 7, p.1.

“Charter Vote 3-1,” Nov. 8, p.1.

“Partisan Fight Shaping up on Salvaging of Charter,” Nov. 9, p.1.

“What Now for Constitution?” Nov. 12, p.211.

“Lottery Outlets Being Expanded,” Dec. 7, p.81.

“Lindsay Sees Rise In City Relief Costs If U.S. Cuts Funds,” Dec. 11, p.1.

“State Study on Medicaid Finds Most Using Program Are Poor,” Dec. 12, p.39.

“Taxes Must Rise, Rockefeller Says,” Dec. 14, p.1.

“Bronston Seeks Travia’s Ousted,” Dec. 17, p.48.

“Levitt Suggests 20% State Surtax on Income Levy,” Dec. 18, p.1.

“New Reservoirs Urged for State,” Dec. 20, p.57.

“Rockefeller Panel Asks State Role in Atomic Power,” Dec. 21, p.1.

“$2-Billion School Budget Is Asked by State Regents,” Dec. 22, p.1.

“Governor to Ask New Driver Laws,” Dec. 24, p.48.

“Governor Orders More State Jobs for 2 Minorities,” Dec. 27, p.1.

“Balm in Tax-Rise ‘Bomb’,” Dec. 28, p.34.

“State Court Says Sales Tax Covers National Banks,” Dec. 30, p.1.

“Albany; A Long Pull Expected Major Problems,” Dec. 31, p.95.

“Governor Pushes Aid to City Riders,” Dec. 31, p.1.


“Legislature Meets Today,” Jan. 3, p.1.

“State Aides Work on Tax-Rise Plan,” Jan. 5, p.45.

“A Ritual Dance in Albany,” Jan. 7, p.E4.

“Rockefeller Asks Abortion Reform,” Jan. 10, p.1.

“Church-State Issue Still in Forefront,” Jan. 12, p.52.

“2 New Judges Due on State Bench,” Jan. 13, p.20.

“Albany; Travia’s Mood Is Pugnacious,” Jan. 14, p.E8.

“Governor To Seek $300-Million Rise in Aid For the City,” Jan. 14, p.1.

“State’s Budget Asks 9 Tax Rises,” Jan. 17, p.1.

“Budget for “Everyone”,” Jan. 21, p.E6.

“Governor Order Study of Abortion,” Jan. 21, p.1.

“Justice Ousted in Scandal Here Wins Rights to Sue for Back Pay,” Jan. 24, p.35.

“National Park Proposal Shelved by Rockefeller,” Jan. 27, p.1.

“Travia Judgeship is Expected Soon,” Jan. 29, p.1.

“Triborough Accord On Transit Nearer,” Feb. 7, p.1.

“Rockefeller Will Postpone Take-Over for Three Days,” Feb. 12, p.1.

“Legislature Delays Vote On State Sanitation Role Proposed by Rockefeller,” Feb. 13, p.1.

“Bill Stalled, Albany Bids Mayor Act on Sanitation,” Feb. 14, p.1.

“Governor Urges More Judgeships in Fight on Crime,” Feb. 18, p.1.

“Clash With State May Cost City Aid,” Feb. 19, p.1.

“Joint Bill in Albany Backs Police Right to Shoot to Kill,” Feb. 21, p.1.

“A Governor and a Mayor Who Need Each Other Are Trying to Mend a Rift,” Feb. 25, p.62.

“Governor Offers a $6-Billion Plan To Rebuild Slums,” Feb. 28, p.1.

“Legislature Widens Shoot-to-Kill Power Of Police in Arrests,” March 6, p.1.

“Medicaid: Surgery for the Program,” March 17, p.E11.

“Governor Widens Role of the Cities in His Urban Plan,” March 21, p.1.

“Abortions; Proposals for a More Liberal Law,” March 24, p.E11.

“Governor Faces $141-Million Cut From ’68 Budget,” March 26, p.1.

“Legislative Chiefs Trying to Eliminate 20% Surtax,” March 27, p.1.

“The Governor vs. The Legislature,” March 29, p.25.

“Legislators Strive for Compromise on New Budget,” April 2, p.8.

“Governor Forces Leaders To Restudy Budget Plan,” April 4, p.1.

“Travia Indicates Budget Shift,” April 5, p.41.

“Albany; Year of the Political Chicken,” April 7, p.E7.

“Legislators Push State Slum Plan,” April 9, p.41.

“How to Twist Arms; The Rockefeller Way,” April 11, p.1.

“Rockefeller Fans That ‘Draft’,” April 14, p.E3.

“Speakership Fight Seen,” April 26, p.26.

“State’s Urban Agency to Be Led by Logue,” April 27, p.1.

“Governor Urges More Urban Aid,” April 28, p.42.

“Legislature Due to Face Tax Issue on Return Today,” April 29, p.1.

“Albany Stalls on School Change,” May 3, p.50.

“Urban Aid; A New Man May Stir Things Up,” May 5, p.E12.

“Rockefeller Shifts Stand on Control of Atomic Power,” May 5, p.1.

“Tax Rises Voted by Legislature,” May 8, p.1.

“Legislature Pushes for May 18 Closing,” May 9, p.1.

“Clark Threatens to Leave Regents,” May 12, p.39.

“Taxes; The Legislature Acts – But Not Happily,” Mat 12, p.E6.

“124 More Judges Planned in State on ‘No-Deal’ Basis,” May 13, p.1.

“State Power Bill Passed by Senate,” May 14, p.52.

“The Legislature; A Very Mixed Record,” May 19, p.E5.

“Decentralization Dispute,” May 20, p.37.

“Albany Approves School Program and Ends Session,” May 26, p.1.

“Judges For New York,” May 26, p. E4.

“Governor Signs Bad-Driver Bill,” June 7, p.52.

“Four Considered for Senate Seat,” June 11, p.1.

“Gardner Called a Favorite to Assume Kennedy Seat,” June 12, p.1.

“Governor Having Trouble Filling Vacancy in Senate,” June 13, p.1.

“Some City Aides Would Be Kept Under O’Connor, Official Says,” June 15, p.23.

“With Kennedy Gone,” June 16, p.E9.

“Seymour and Celler Win House Contests,” June 19, p.1.

“Peace a Winner, But Not for All,” June 20, p.39.

“Politics; The Democratic Machine Is a Wreck After the McCarthy-O’Dwyer Victory,” June 23, E2.

“Governor Vetoes Marijuana Bill,” June 25, p.26.

“Governor Adds 2 To Slum Agency” June 27, p.29

“Jeers Mix With Cheers at Democratic Meeting” June 29, p.15

“Lottery Sales Set in Subways Here,” July 30, p.13.

“McCarthy Meets with Top Party Leaders Here,” Aug. 1, p.17.

“Clark Names to State Urban Board,” Aug. 3, p.15.

“Six Teen-Agers Are Arrested in Racial Killing in Woodside,” Aug. 9, p.11.

“Rockefeller Turns to Kenney’s Seat,” Aug. 10, p.13.

“Rockefeller Sees 6 Aspirants for Kennedy’s Seat in Senate,” Aug. 20, p.25.

“Javits Says Labor is Supporting Him,” Aug. 21, p.35.

“Ronan Lays Transit Crisis To a 30-Year Lag in City,” Aug. 25, p.1.

“O’Connor Weighs a Judgeship Race,” Sept. 4, p.44.

“Governor Says He’ll Name Robert Kennedy’s Successor Early Next Week,” Sept. 6, p.30

“Teacher Who Refused to Lead Flag Pledge Backed by Arbiter,” Sept. 7, p.19.

“City Unrest Puzzles the Cattle Country, Spurs Hard Line,” Sept. 22, p.68.

“Form of Tax Rise Argued in Albany,” Sept. 26, p.41.

“Wallace Suit Seeks Use of Shea Stadium,” Sept. 28, p.1.

“Shea Stadium Ban is ‘Odd’ to Judge,” Oct. 1, p.32.

“Wallace Aides Shift Rally to the Garden,” Oct. 3, p.1.

“Panel Says Raiding Police Wielded Excessive Force,” Oct. 6, p.1.

“O’Dwyer Favors Community Control of Schools,” Oct. 8, p.32.

“Columbia Cases Will Be Pressed,” Oct. 9, p.47.

“O’Dwyer Is Endorsed by Senator Edward Kennedy,” Oct. 10, p.57.

“O’Dwyer Seeks to Counter Wallace Sentiment in Labor Ranks,” Oct. 11, p.31.

“O’Dwyer Lectures Regulars on War,” Oct.12, p.25.

“O’Dwyer is Told he ‘Lets Nixon In’,” Oct. 13, p.76.

“Muskie Cuts Wallace’s Strength in Buffalo,” Oct. 27, p.70.

“McCarthy to Back Humphrey Today,” Oct. 29, p.1.

“Brydges Doubts Action on Schools,” Nov. 2, p.25.

“For Most of the Policemen in Syracuse, Wallace Will Be the Man,” Nov. 3, p.78.

“Campaign in State is Ending Quietly,” Nov. 4, p.1.

“State Nominees Make Final Push,” Nov. 5, p.1.

“O’Dwyer is Loser,” Nov. 6, p.1.

“Javits Assisted by Liberal Wing,” Nov. 7, p.40.

“Conservative Gain Fails to Stir Javits,” Nov. 8, p.26.

“Second Spot on Humphrey Slate Reported Offered to Rockefeller,” Nov. 21, p.1.

“Goodell Makes Some Liberal ‘Noises’,” Nov. 24, p.E6.

“Rockefeller Plans 4th Term to Push Urban Program,” Dec. 10, p.1.

“Rockefeller Hints at Sales Tax Rise,” Dec. 11, p.1.

“Albany Said to Weigh Bar on Dual-Party Nominees,” Dec. 19, p.54.

“State Will Study School Pressures,” Dec. 21, p.1.

“Carmine De Sapio; ‘The Master Is in Trouble’,” Dec. 22, p.E8.

“Rockefeller Glum on School Peace,” Dec. 26, p.1.


“Rockefeller Says Mayor Won’t Get All Aid He Asked,” Jan. 2, p.1.

“Governor Shifts Taylor Law View,” Jan. 4, p.1.

“The Major Doesn’t Really Believe in Santa Claus,” Jan. 5, p.E5.

“Governor to Ask a Sales Tax of 3%,” Jan. 6, p.1.

“A Loaded Word For Legislators,” Jan. 9, p.74.

“Governor Proposes Curb on Spending, 3% Sales Tax,” Jan. 9, p.1.

“Why Budget Rises Despite a 5% ‘Cut’,” Jan. 11, p.34.

“Who Should Pay the Bill?” Jan. 12, p.E1.

“Legislature Will Get a Record Deficiency Budget,” June 18, p.16.

“For Excellence, Read Money,” Jan. 19, p.E19.

“Rockefeller’s Budget Maneuvers,” Jan. 22, p.31.

“Rockefeller Proposes and Disposes,” Jan. 26, p.E5.

“Governor’s Group Urges Tightening of Ban on Strikes,” Jan. 31, p.1.

“Mr. Vernon Busing Is Upheld by Judge,” Feb. 1, p.1.

“Shout Startles Meeting on Taxes,” Feb. 4, p.26.

“Allen Can’t Stop Great Neck Vote,” Feb. 6, p.35.

“And a Message from ‘Aunt Sally’,” Feb. 16, p.E3.

“Governor, Yielding, Agrees to Revamp Cuts in Budget,” Feb. 21, p.1.

“Monday Holidays Gaining in Albany,” Feb. 25, p.1.

“State Senate Unit to Offer Wide Abortion Reform,” March 5, p.33.

“Stiffer Penalties in the Taylor Act Passed in Albany,” March 8, p.1.

“Rockefeller and Lindsay; Not Seeing Eye to Eye Again,” March 9, p.E6.

“State Budget Accord Expected Soon,” March 11, p.36.

“Abortion Reformers Fear Pressures,” March 13, p.32.

“Police Bill Faces Legislative Snag,” March 18, p.1.

“Albany ‘Resolutely Backward’,” March 19, p.49.

“Abortion Reform Gains as Bill Goes to Assembly,” March 21, p.50.

“Pressures Over a Fourth Police Platoon,” March 23, p.E6.

“Governor Calms Fears of Some on Hasty Action on School Decentralization,” March 26, p.43.

“State G.O.P. Chiefs Reach General Accord on Budget,” March 28, p.1.

“State Sales Tax Increased 1 Cent by G.O.P. in Albany,” March 29, p.1.

“Playing Politics With Decentralization,” March 30, p.E9.

“Welfare Slashed by Republicans in Albany Votes,” March 30, p.1.

“Two-Week Recess Starts in Albany,” March 31, p.48.

“The Ax Is Heaviest on Welfare,” April 6, p.E1.

“Legislature Reconvenes Today, Hoping to Adjourn May 1,” April 15, p.44.

“Assembly Gets a Quarter-Horse Bill, Barely Alive,” April 17, p.60.

“Assembly Blocks Abortion Reform in Sudden Switch,” April 18, p.1.

“Rockefeller to Ask Antihunger Bill,” April 21, p.1.

“Assembly, in a Quick Shift, Votes For Quarter-Horse Pari-Mutuels,” April 23, p.1.

“Turmoil Makes Albany Windup,” April 25, p.20.

“Legislature Swing to the Right,” April 27, p.E8.

“Lulu Rise is Cut by G.O.P. Leaders,” April 27, p.74.

“Compromise Bill For City’s School Hits Albany Snag,” April 28, p.1.

“The Elusive School-Reform Compromise,” April 29, p.32.

“City School Bill Voted in Albany,” May 1, p.1.

“Legislature Ends; Pay Raises Passed,” May 3, p.1.

“Fight over SEEK Plan Marched Closing Session of Legislature,” May 4, p.1.

“Mrs. Gandhi Puts Foes Off Balance,” July 13, p.5.

“Separatism and Strife in Andhra,” July 15, p.3.

“India; Mrs. Gandhi in a Critical Battle With the Congress Bosses,” July 20, p.E6.

“14 Largest Private Banks Are Nationalized by India,” July 20, p.1.

“Mrs. Gandhi’s Bank Step Hailed But Struggle in Party Continues,” July 21, p.23.

“India; Mrs. Gandhi Uses Socialism as a Weapon,” July 27, p.E4.

“New Delhi Polishes Up for Nixon,” July 30, p.14.

“Backers of Mrs. Gandhi Assert Foes Seek a Rightist Coalition,” Aug. 13, p.7.

“Political Faction in India Exchange Election Charges,” Aug. 16, p.4.

“Electoral College in India Votes for New President,” Aug. 17, p.15.

“India Elects Giri President In Victory for Mrs. Gandhi,” Aug. 21, p.1.

“Indians Swear in Giri as President,” Aug. 25, p.1.

“Mrs. Gandhi Winds on Party Censure,” Aug. 26, p.1.

“India-Nepal Ties Remain Delicate,” Sept. 7, p.8.

“Mrs. Gandhi Takes Case to the People,” Sept. 11, p.4.

“China Said to Be Moving Nuclear Plant to Tibet,” Sept. 13, p.5.

“Argues Ban on Kissing in Films,” Sept. 18, p.62.

“New Moves by Indian Government Add Fuel to Debate Over Freedom of the Press and Role of Regime,” Sept. 23, p.13.

“U.S. Envoy Backs Mrs. Gandhi’s Socialist Economic Policies as the ‘Only Way to Keep India Free,” Sept. 24, p.11.

“India, Torn by Communal Strife, Observes Centenary of Gandhi’s Birth,” Oct. 3, p.1.

“Peasants Harvest Hashish for Big Profits in the Vale of Kashmir,” Oct. 6, p.14.

“Kashmir Politics Near Explosion,” Oct. 12, p.9.

“Sapphire Auction is Held Outdoors,” Oct. 13, p.71.

“India; Mrs. Gandhi in the Vise of Bitter Communal Strife,” Oct. 19, p.E7.

“Gandhi Disciple Lecture Indians,” Oct. 26, p.4.

“Governing Party Breaks Up in India,” Nov. 2, p.1.

“India: Congress Split May Tear Party Apart,” Nov. 9, p.E7.

“India: Mrs. Gandhi In All-Out Battle With ‘Syndicate’,” Nov. 16, p.E3.

“U.S. Envoy Scores Hippies in Kabul,” Nov. 16, p.8.

“Indians Prepare For Censure Fight,” Nov. 17, p.7.

“Bloc Acts to Oust India Party Chief,” Nov. 23, p.8.

“India: Mrs. Gandhi Still Has the Votes,” Nov. 23, p.E3.

“After Communal Riots in Ahmadabad, Venom and Fear,” Dec. 19, p.16.

“Syndicate Faction in India’s Congress Party Terms Mrs. Gandhi as Fascist,” Dec. 22,      p.11.

“An Indian-Soviet ‘Misunderstanding’,” Dec. 28, p.E2.

“Mrs. Gandhi Maps Socialist Course,” Dec. 28, p.9.

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