New York Times Articles 1970-79



“Words of Socialism From New Delhi Upset Wealthy in Bombay,” Jan. 10, p.12.

“India Picks U.S. Airliner Over Russians,” Jan. 13 p.89.

“India Bedeviled by Agrarian Unrest,” Jan. 19, p.69.

“2 Indian States in Dispute Over Dream City They Share,” Jan. 21, p.16.

“India Gives Disputed Chandigarh City to Punjab State,” Jan. 30, p.2.

“Chandigarh Move Brings Violence,” Jan. 31, p.7.

“Top Court in India Bars Nationalization of Banks,” Feb. 11, p.1.

“14 Banks in India Renationalized,” Feb. 15, p.8.

“Nepalese Prepare for a Royal Wedding,” Feb. 25, p.4.

“Nepal’s Prince Marrying Amid Dazzle and Pomp,” Feb. 28, p.1.

“Dacca Is Uneasy Despite Relative Calm As East Pakistan Awaits National Vote,” March 13, p.6.

“Communist-Led Coalition Collapses in West Bengal,” March 17, p.15.

“New Delhi Assumes Rule Over Bengal,” March 20, p.2.

“Indians Warm to Keating’s Style,” March 23, p.1.

“Calcutta ‘a Bomb Factory’ With a New Sense of Fear,” March 27, p.2.

“Pakistani President Urges Political Restraint as He Announces New Steps Toward Election of Assembly,” March 29, p.25.

“Indian Peasants War Over Rice Lands,” March 31, p.2.

“Pakistan Changes Under Yahya,” April 6, p.20.

“Pakistani Capital: Madness to Some, It Is a Lovely Garden City to Others,” April 10, p.12.

“Population Huge in East Pakistan,” April 12, p.1.

“Dacca Hardly a Garden Spot, but Pakistanis Flock There Anyhow,” April 18, p.8.

“Automobile Output Lags in India,” April 19, p.86.

“Mrs. Gandhi Sees Risk of Extremist Take-Over,” April 26, p.18.

“India Carries on British Sport, Hunting Vanishing Boar,” April 27, p.14.

“Bangkok Sees U.S. Move in Cambodia as Vindication of Its Policy,” May 7, p.17.

“Reds’ Advance Threatens Royal Capital of Laos,” May 10, p.18.

“Intensification of War in Laos Forseen by Souvanna Phouma,” May 12, p.15.

“Red Forces in Cambodia Nearing the Laos Border,” May 23, p.2.

“A Lone Frenchman Tends Farm in Southern Laos,” May 26, p.6.

“Thai Group in Cambodia for Aid Talks,” May 28, p.6.

“Thais’ Foreign Minister Says Military Will Act if Reds in Cambodia Threaten,” May 29, p.3.

“8 More Newsmen Vanish in Cambodia,” June 2, p.1.

“Syvertsen of C.B.S. News Feared Dead in Cambodia,” June 4, p.12.

“Ky Gets Royal Welcome in Pnompenh,” June 5, p.6.

“Ill-Equipped Cambodians Face Foe Near Pnompenh,” June 6, p.1.

“Ky, in Pnompenh, Gives Assurance,” June 7, p.5.

“Problems of Cambodia,” June 8, p.2.

“Laotians Reported Joining Foe in Cambodia,” June 11, p.14.

“Temple Ruins at Angkor Reported in Foe’s Hands,” June 12, p.1.

“In a Cambodian Town, War and Terror,” June 17, p.1.

“Enemy in Cambodia Cuts Last Operating Rail Line,” June 18, p.1.

“Road to Saigon Severed,” June 19, p.1.

“In West Cambodia, Weak Army Waits,” June 20, p.1.

“$7.9-Million in U.S. Arms Being Rushed to Cambodia,” June 25, p.1.

“Cambodia Issues Decree For General Mobilization,” June 26, p.7.

“Cambodia to Get U.S. Plane Support in Ground Combat,” June 28, p.1.

“Looting by Saigon Units Stirs Cambodian Hatred,” July 2, p.8.

“Pnompenh Opens Treason Trial of Absent Sihanouk,” July 4, p.4.

“Cambodian Economy Is Badly Hurt by War,” July 5, p.1.

“Cambodian Tribunal Condemns Sihanouk to Death in Absentia,” July 6, p.4.

“Wartime Pnompenh Losing Its Charm,” July 12, p.3.

“Westmoreland Visits G.I.’s at Fire Base in Vietnam,” July 14, p.4.

“U.S. TV Satellite For India Delayed,” July 27, p.7.

“ ‘Land Grab’ in India Brings Little but Furor,” Aug. 21, p.3.

“Kerala Matriarchs Still Reign, but Do Not Rule Much of Anything,” Aug. 29, p.2.

“Ceylon: Native Films Are Catching On,” Sept. 7, p.20.

“Extinction Threatening Ceylon’s Elephants,” Sept.13, p.2.

“Mrs. Gandhi a Surprise Victor in Kerala,” Sept. 19, p.3.

“Mrs. Gandhi Ousts State Government,” Oct. 3, p.4.

“Ceylon’s Leftist Government Finds Its Promises Have Added to Economic Problems,” Oct. 18, p.14.

“Cost of Food is Becoming a Political Issue in India,” Oct. 23, p.3.

“Chinese-Indian ‘Thaw’ Is Still Only a Slight Melting,” Oct. 24, p.3.

“Lepers in India Combat Feeling of Uselessness,” Oct. 25, p.16.

“Courthouse in New Delhi Is Beehive Of Inequity for the Poor and Ignorant,” Nov. 12, p.3.

“Untouchability Persists Despite 40 years of Opposition,” Nov. 18, p.12.

“Pakistan Survivors Face Hunger and Burning Sun,” Nov. 21, p.1.

“Pakistan Relief is Needed Badly,” Nov. 22, p.17.

“Pakistanis Fear Cholera’s Spread,” Nov. 23, p.6.

“Foreign Relief Spurred,” Nov. 24, p.5.

“Harried on Ground by Starving East Pakistanis,” Nov. 25, p.1.

“Pakistan Leader Visits Survivors,” Nov. 26, p.8.

“East Pakistan Leader Voices a Secession Threat,” Nov. 27, p.1.

“Yahya Concedes ‘Slips’ In Relief,” Nov. 28, p.10.

“The Bengalis and the Punjabis: Nation Split by Geography, Hate,” Dec. 4, p.10.

“After Pakistani Storm: Grief, Indifference,” Dec. 30, p.1.


“A Western Group Aided Pakistanis,” Jan. 3, p.8.

“India: The Only Real Issue For Voters Is Indira Gandhi,” Feb. 28, p.E3.

“An Election Issue in India: Vicious Circle of Growing Unemployment and Lagging Output,” March 3, p.13.

“ ‘Magic’ Is the Word for Indira Gandhi’s Landslide,” March 14, p.E2.

“Leader in Dacca Rejects A ‘Concession’ by Yahya,” March 19, p.10.

“A Nation on the Verge Of Flying Apart; Pakistan,” March 21, p.E5

“East Pakistanis Unveil New Flag,” March 24, p.11.

“Heavy Fighting, Raids Reported in East Pakistan,” March 28, p. 1.

“Sticks and Spears Against Tanks,” March 29, p.1.

“Heavy Killing Reported,” March 30, p.10.

“ ‘All Part Of a Game’ – a Grim and Deadly One,” April 4, p.E4.

“Foreign Evacuees From East Pakistan Tell of Grim Fight,” April 7, p.1.

“Bengalis Form a Cabinet as the Bloodshed Goes On,” April 14, p.1.

“Economic Havoc Worsens Impact of Pakistan’s War,” April 15, p.3.

“Hours of Terror for a trapped Bengali Officer,” April. 17, p. 1.

“Pakistan: In This Case ‘War Is Hell’ For One Side Only,” April 18, p.E2.

“Big Powers In a Diplomatic Minuet; Pakistan,” April 25, p.E4.

“India Restricts Travel by Pakistani Aides,” April 27, p.2.

“Retaliation by India,” April 28, p.15.

“India: Three Million Links in a Chain of Misery,” May 23, p.E3.

“Disease, Hunger and Death Stalk Refugees Along India’s Boarder,” June. 9, p. 3.

“The Only Way to Describe it is ‘Hell’; Refugees,” June 20, p.E6.

“An ‘Alien Army’ Imposes Its Will; East Pakistan,” July 4, p.E4.

“Hindus Are Targets of Army Terror in an East Pakistani Town,” July 4, p.4.

“Will Words Yield To Bullets?; India,” Aug. 8, p.E5.

“Score One Diplomatic Coup for the Russians; India,” Aug. 15, p.E2.

“Bengal; Breaking Point Is Near – And it May Mean War,” Oct. 10, p.E2.

“The Grim Fight for ‘Bangla Desh’: East Pakistan,” Oct. 17, p.E4.

“They Talk of War; They May Just Mean It; India-Pakistan,” Oct. 24, p.E6.

“Indian Official Bars a Pullback While Pakistani ‘Threat’ Lasts,” Oct. 26, p.17.

“In Case the Guerillas Need a Bit of Help; India,” Nov. 21, p.E6.

“India Approaches War Footing as Frontier Fighting Intensifies,” Nov. 21, p.1.

“India is Poised for All-Out Drive Against Pakistani Force in East,” Dec. 4, p. 1.

“Quick Full Surrender of East Pakistan Is Set as Objective of India’s Invaders,” Dec. 5, p.24.

“The Crucial Fact Is That the Pakistanis Are Hated; Bangladesh,” Dec. 12, p.E1.

“The March into Dacca: ‘Last Clash and Victory,’” Dec. 17, pp. 1, 16.

“ ‘God Bless You!’ Said A Weeping Man to The Indian; Bangladesh,” Dec. 19, p.E1.

“Long Occupation of East Pakistan Foreseen in India,” Dec. 26, p.1.

“The Ward Is Free But Unruly; India,” Dec. 26, p.E3.


“The Worst Has Not Happened – Not Yet; India-Pakistan,” Jan. 2, p.E3.

“Joy in Dacca – The Sheik Is Free; Bangladesh,” Jan. 9, p.E3.

“Mrs. Gandhi Hails the Release of Mujib,” Jan. 9, p.3.

“‘I’m Alive!’ Is Still Big News; Bangladesh,” Jan. 23, p.E4.

“Power For Mrs. Gandhi; Her Task Now Is To Use It; India,” March 19, p.E4.

“Bangladesh: ‘We’ll Give Them Some Time but Now Much,’” April 9, p.E4.

“Convoys to Quangtri Blocked; Refugees Crowd Hue,” April 30, p.20.

“‘It’s Everyone For Himself’ As Troops Ram in Hue,” April 30, p.20.

“‘Fear and Shame Turned to Rage,’” May 7, p.E2.

“Anloc Seen From Above: War With Unreal Quality,” May 10, p.21.

“Enemy Assaults Are Beaten Back Outside Kontum,” May 19, p.1.

“A Lull at Hue: Some Who Fled Homes Creep Back,” May 27, p.6.

“Foe’s New Missile Disrupts Air Tactics in South,” May 28, p.22.

“Battered Quangtri Has a Special Significance; Vietnam,” July 9, p.E3.

“Qaungtri Drive Is Still Stalled,” July 9, p.1.

“On the Road to Anloc, a Break at Last,” July 23, p.15.

“He Calls It ‘Closing the Gates to Communism’; Thieu’s Crackdown,” Aug. 13, p.E1.

“Saigon Regroups After Queson Loss,” Aug. 22, p.1.

“Small Ground for Optimism; Vietnam,” Aug. 27, p.E3.

“Cambodians Are Facing a Bleak Future,” Oct. 29, p.1.

“Foe Said to Cross Cambodia Border,” Nov. 1, p.15.

“The Peace Watch; Cambodia,” Nov. 5, p.E2.

“‘The Saigon Follies, or Trying to Head Them Off at Credibility Gap,’” Nov. 12, p.SM38.


“Cambodia Prints Lon Nol Thought,” Jan. 7, p.6.

“The World; Now Two Economic Titans,” Jan. 7, p.257.

“A Cambodian Landscape: Bomb Pits, Rubble Ashes,” May 24, p.1.

“Booming Singapore: A Clean, Green and Straitlaced Island State,” June 30, p.4.

“Cambodia Weighs Troop Conscription,” July 14, p.3.

“Mounting Tension Grips Phnom Penh,” July 30, p.1.

“Victorious Cambodians Loot Recaptured Village,” Aug. 7, p.3.

“Effect of Bombing: It Helped, but Peace Is Still Elusive,” Aug. 16, p.2.

“Silent Enough for a Nap While the Storm Gathers,” Aug. 19, p.175.

“U.S. Healer Opens Drive In Cambodia,” Oct. 7, p.17.

“In Kompong Cham, Death Is No Stranger,” Oct. 19, p.2.


“Indonesia: A Success, But Not For Everyone,” Jan. 20, p.180.

“Artillery Kills 15 in Phnom Penh,” Feb. 3, p.19.

“Fatigued Phnom Penh Awaits Foe’s Next Push,” Feb. 4, p.7.

“In Phnom Penh, Take Any Road to the War,” Feb. 9, p.3.

“Amid Ashes in Phnom Penh, Stunned Survivors Go On,” Feb. 13, p.8.

“French in Phnom Penh a Shrinking Set,” Feb. 27, p.14.

“Life Poor, but Cambodian Refugees Are Glad to Be Free of Rebels,” March 9, p.2.

“Behind Calm Beautiful Façade, Philippine City Seethes With Moslem-Christian Distrust,” March 20, p.12.

“Philippine Moslem Army: Separate Bands With Single Aim of Independence,” April 1, p.17.

“Jammed Tokyo’s Crime Rate,” April 17, p.45.

“Bodies Recovered In Bali Jet Crash,” April 25, p.9.

“Singapore to Tighten Control on Press,” June 2, p.18.

“Town Is Devastated In Cambodian ‘Victory,’” July 28, p.11.

“Corrupt Is as Commonplace as War in Cambodia,” Aug. 8, p.6.

“Malaysian Election Is Free of the Racial Violence That Killed Hundreds in ’69,” Aug. 25, p.14.

“Cambodia’s ‘Little’ War: 600,000 Casualties,” Sept.  8, p.209.

“It Was Malaysian Women Vs. the King—And the Women Won,” Oct. 5, p.18.

“Powerless Opposition in Singapore Challenges Government in Libel Suit,” Oct.15, p.6.

“Phnom Penh: Uneasy Hope for Future,” Nov. 22, p.3.

“Cambodia Awaits Crucial U.N. Vote,” Nov. 25, p.6.

“Singapore Practice of Flogging As Crime Deterrent Is Debated,” Nov. 26, p.4.

“Life Deteriorates as Cambodian Capital Struggles On and On to Cope With Warfare,” Nov. 28, p.14.

“Cambodia: No Light, Not Even a Tunnel,” Dec. 15, Sun. Week In Review, p.3. (p. 231)


“Phnom Penh Weathering New Assault in Long War,” Jan. 5, p.1.

“Cambodian Rebels Step Up Pressure Around Capital,” Jan. 7, p.3.

“Heavy Cambodia Fighting Rapidly Depletes U.S. Aid,” Jan. 9 , p.3.

“Cambodian Soldiers and Families Are in War of Quiet Waiting and Sudden Gunfire,” Jan. 10, p.1.

“Phnom Penh and U.S. Rush Ammunition and Food to Embattled River Town,” Jan. 12, p.16.

“Siege Continues at Vital Cambodia Town,” Jan. 13, p.3.

“Cambodian Refugees Tell of Battle for Key River Town,” Jan. 14, p.3.

“In a Besieged Cambodian City, Hunger, Death and the Whimpering of Children,” Jan. 16, p.3.

“U.S. Has Last-Ditch Plan for Cambodia,” Jan. 17, p.3.

“Cambodian Rebel Drive Spurs Austerity Policy in Phnom Penh,” Jan. 18, p.2.

“Big Convoy Poised for Cambodia Trip,” Jan. 20, p.57.

“Phnom Penh Surviving Another Rebel Offensive and ‘Blockade,’” Feb. 2, p.13.

“Rebels Destroy a Mekong Convoy,” Feb. 5, p.77.

“Aid Request for Cambodia Said to Exceed Needs Now,” Feb. 7, p.1.

“Battle for Mekong River Critical for Phnom Penh,” Feb. 10, p.1.

“Phnom Penh Exodus Early This Year,” Feb. 11, p.10.

“An Optimistic Mrs. Gandhi Angrily Denies India Is Floundering,” Feb. 13, p.12.

“Cambodians Pushing to Clear Mekong,” Feb. 15, p.3.

“U.S. Embassy in Phnom Penh Recommends Limited Evacuation,” Feb. 17, p.1.

“Cambodians Failing to Open Lifeline,” Feb. 18, p.1 .

“Lon Nol’s Defense Position Continues to Deteriorate,” Feb. 19, p.3.

“Siege in Cambodia Town Traps 30,000 Refugees,” Feb. 24, p.1.

“Cambodia Rebels Intensify Shelling of Besieged Town,” Feb. 25, p.3.

“Children Starving in Once-Lush Land,” Feb. 26, p.1.

“U.S. Envoy in Phnom Penh Joins Appeal for More Cambodia Aid,” Feb. 27, p.3.

“Pilots in Cambodia Airlift Ordered to Remain Silent,” Feb. 28, p.3.

“The ‘Enemy’ Us Red, Cruel and, After 5 Years, Little Known,” March 2, p.169.

“Tour in Cambodia Fails To Sway Congressmen,” March 2, p.1.

“Rebels’ U.S.-Made Guns Shell Landing Strip Flights Go On,” March 6, p.1.

“U.S. Aides Expect Loss of Cambodia,” March 7, p.1.

“Life of Phnom Penh Slowly Grinds Down,” March 8, p.1.

“Kissinger Rebuff Of Talk Reported,” March 9, p.1.

“Cambodian War Seen in Its Final Phase as Rebels Slowly Strangle Phnom Penh,” March 10, p.1.

“Cambodians Seek to Brace Morale,” March 11, p.1.

“The Enigmatic Cambodian Insurgents,” March 13, p.1.

“Shell Hits Munitions Dump at Phnom Penh’s Airport,” March 14, p.1.

“Everything for Sale, Including American Arms,” March 16, p.E1.

“French Officials Leaving Cambodia,” March 16, p.5.

“U.S. Starting to Evacuate Relief Aides in Cambodia,” March 18, p.1.

“A Cambodian Anniversary Marked Only by Misery,” March 19, p.18.

“Britain Closes Embassy in Phnom Penh, Leaving U.S. as the Only Western Mission,” March 21, p.10.

“Lon Nol Is Said to Pack For Eventual Departure,” March 23, p.1.

“Confusion Over Cambodian Aid,” March 25, p.16.

“Reporter’s Notebook: Suffering Seems Endless in Phnom Penh,” March 29, p.2.

“Around Besieged Cambodian Capital, Pinch Gets Even Tighter,” March 30, p.14.

“Attrition Is Continuing; U.S. Embassy Staff Cut,” March 7, p.20.

“Rebels Overrun Outposts Near Phnom Penh Airport,” April 8, p.1.

“In U.S. Embassy, the Strain IS Showing,” April 10, p.18.

“ Phnom Penh Defense Weakens,” April 11, p.1.

“Communist Rule Is at Least Uncertain; Napalm Is Not,” April 13, p.197.

“Military Taking Over in Cambodia as Last Americans Are Evacuated,” April 13, p.1.

“U.S. Embassy Staff Is Evacuated From Phnom Penh Under Guard of U.S. Marines,” April 13, p.20.

“Cambodia Regime Vows Not to Give Up, But Seeks Cease-Fire and Negotiations,” April 14, p.65.

“Cambodia Rebels Open Big Thrust for Phnom Penh,” April 14, p.1.

“Reds 3 Miles From Phnom Penh,” April 15, p.1.

“Cambodia Windup,” April 16, p.1.

“Note to Sihanouk,” April 17, p.81.

“Truce Was Sought,” April 17, p.1.

“Cambodia Reds Are Uprooting Millions As They Impose a ‘Peasant Revolution,’” May 9, p.1.

“Mayaguez Captain Tells Story of Rescue,” May 18, p.1.

“Ancient Rivalries in Indochina Are Intact,” July 20, p.E5.


“A Red Sox Fan in the Enemy Camp,” June 26, p.C4.


“Cambodian Reporter Who Fled ‘True Hell’ Tells of 4-Year Ordeal,” Oct. 12, p.A1.

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