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Chapter One in Pictures — Cambodia

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"A few weeks ago I was driving on a dirt road and some refugees escaping from a battle up the road were coming toward me. They were carrying their wretched sacks of belongings on their heads, under their arms, over their bent shoulders. Dust swirled around them and the bright sun played tricks with it, flashing designs in the motes. Suddenly, for a few brief moments, the people looked to me as if they had holes in them, like Swiss cheese. People living and walking, but with holes in them. People who were not all there. People whom you could see through in places. Maybe the holes were in my mind or in my weariness or maybe I was being poetic or melodramatic, but to me they had holes in them. And then I shook my head to clear it, and there were no holes, and Dith Pran asked me what was the matter and I told him and he did not think it was peculiar."
      —Reporters May Be Weary But The People’s Lot is Deadly, Page 23

Page 9 – Destruction from the accidental bombing in Neak Luong Page 10 -  Keo Chan, a 48-year old solider who lost his wife and 10 children.
Page 26 – Marines in full battle dress arrive at the American Embassy gate as Schanberg looks on.  (Photo: Dith Pran)
Page 27 – The American flag is lowered at the Embassy, Sat. April 12, 1975 (Photo: Al Rockoff) Page 27 – Ambassador Dean (dark suit, left) carrying the Embassy flag and a suitcase (Photo: Ennio Iacobucci) Page 28 – U.S. Marines head for the last helicopter on the soccer field after evacuating the U.S. Embassy.
Page 33 – Refugees flee the shelling as the Khmer Rouge advance on the city. (Photo: Schanberg) Page 33 - Syd Schanberg works in cable office (Lee Rudakywich is at the right). (Photo: Alan Rockoff) Page 34 – As the city falls, an elderly French teacher remains calm at the Hotel (Photo: Alan Rockoff)
Page 37 – In the rear courtyard of the Hotel Le Phnom, journalists talking on a field with field radio (l to 4) -- Lee Rudakywich, Denis Cameron (seated), Jon Swain, Richard Boyle, Sydney Schanberg, Douglas Vernon Sapper 3d (on radio). Page 40 – Cambodian Premier Long Boret (Photo: Alan Rockoff) Page 40 – Hotel Le Phnom with Red Cross banners draped across the front. (Photo: Ennio Iacobucci).)
Page 42 - Jon Swain & Syd Schanberg at hospital 401, a converted basketball court, interview a wounded officer. (Photo: Alan Rockoff) Page 42-  Schanberg, his driver Sarun (standing) and Pran (right, seated) work through the night at the public cable office on the night before the Khmer Rouge enter the city. Page 45 – Heavily armed Khmer Rouge in black pajamas move past the Hotel Le Phnom
Page 45 – White flags of surrender are seen on personnel carriers with a mix of Khmer Rouge soldiers and civilians. (Photo: Ennio Iacobucci) Page 47 – The tense scene outside the Information Ministry with the Khmer Rouge in charge. (Photo: Alan Rockoff) Page 50 – Outside the French Embassy people mill about and some try to climb over the fence. (Photo: Alan Rockoff)
Page 52 – A bloody morning at Preah Keth Mealea hospital shortly before Schanberg, Swain, Rockoff and Pran were captured by the Khmer Rouge. (Photo: Alan Rockoff) Page 54 – Food is scare inside the French Embassy compound where journalists eat a meager meal. (Photo: Ennio Iacobucci) Page 61 – Sydney Schanberg (second in line) crosses the frontier bridge on the Cambodian-Thai border on May 3, 1975. (Photo: Photo: John Everingham/NYT)

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