New York Times Articles 1980-85



The Death and Life of Dith Pran: A Story of Cambodia,” Jan. 20, p.SS4


A New Common Sense,” May 4, p.A23

A Record for Albany Delinquents,” May 8, p.23

A Fragile Miracle,” May 15, p.23

Food Stamps for Tycoons,” May 22, p.23

Marching Against Midden,” May 11, p.A15

Punishing The Doctors,” May 18, p.A15

The Mayor Has Gone Fission,” May 25, p.A23

Abdicating On Transit,” May 29, p.23

Sharing the Goodies,” June 1, p.A15

Time to Put Westway Away,” June 6, p.23

Softball And Democracy,” June 9, p.A15

Eight Isn’t Enough,” June 12, p.23

The Cupidity Lobby,” June 15, p.A19

No Books for ‘We The Kids’,” June 19, p.23

Let the Unknowns Be Heard,” June 22, p.A27

Taxes for Prison Trains,” June 26, p.23

A Dangerous Tax Revolt,” June 29, p.A15

Mr. Koch’s Memorial Subway,” July 3, p.19

The Rules Are All We’ve Got,” July 6, p.A23

Children Grow in Brooklyn,” July 10, p.23

Masterpiece Price Hike,” July 13, p.A25

A Talk With Mr. Javits,” July 17, p.23

The Risks of Westway,” July 21, p.A15

Ellis Island Is Crumbling,” July 24, p.23

Isn’t a Primary News?” July 27, p.A15

Governor Carey in Trouble,” July 31, p.25

Taxes and Fairness,” Aug. 3, p.A15

Glass Houses at City Hall,” Aug. 8, p.21

Adjusting to Crime,” Aug. 10, p.A17

Amex Saves Our Castes,” Aug. 14, p.23

Ping-Pong for 36,000,” Aug. 25, p.A19

Social Contracts For $25,” Aug. 28, p.23

The Enemy Is Apathy,” Aug. 31, p.A19 

Cartoons and Paralysis,” Sept. 4, p.19

Let ‘Em Eat Jellybeans,” Sept. 7, p.23

The Story of A Deal,” Sept. 11, p.23

A Thumb in Our Eye,” Sept. 14, p.A31

Adding Up Underdogs,” Sept. 18 p.23

The Reich Enters the Primary,” Sept. 21, p.A31

A City Polarized,” Sept. 25, p.23

New Math Explained,” Sept. 28, p.A27

Pulling the Wings Off People,” Oct. 2, p.27

Retreating in the Bronx,” Oct. 5, p.A31

2 Plus 2 Equals White,” Oct. 9, p.25

Tailoring ‘Rachmones,’” Oct. 12, p.A23

Why Punish The Kids?” Oct. 16, p.23

Wheat Chaff and PCB’s,” Oct. 19, p.A31

“‘I Live Here and You Don’t,’” Oct. 23, p.23

A Band-Aid for Crime,” Oct. 26, p.31

A Fairness Is the Issue,” Oct. 30, p.27

Come Back, Richard,” Nov. 2, p.19

Saving the ‘Garden,’” Nov. 6, p.23

Covering The Wrong Wounds,” Nov. 9, p.A23

Walking a Mothballed Elephant,” Nov. 13, p.23

Off With Their Heads,” Nov. 16, p.A31

Carey And Cosell,” Nov. 20, p.27

Mr. Pleasant Regrets…,” Nov. 23, p.A19

Trashing Old People 1,” Nov. 27, p.23

Trashing Old People 2,” Nov. 30, p.A31

Trashing Old People 3,” Dec. 4, p.25

Freud and La Guardia,” Dec. 7, p.A31

Taxes and Civilization,” Dec. 11, p.27

The Expendable People,” Dec. 14, p.A31

Chestnuts Roasting,” Dec. 18, p.27


Fairness in Hard Times,” Jan. 18, p.A27

Somebody Call the Cops,” Jan. 22, p.23

Blue-Chip Underdogs,” Jan. 26, p.A15

Candor and Coupons Don’t Mix,” Jan. 29, p.23

Curiouser and Curiouser,” Feb. 1, p.A25

The Can-Do Bombardier,” Feb. 5, p.23

No News Is Bad News,” Feb. 9, p.A19

Kissing And Making Up,” Feb. 13, p.25

A National Joke,” Feb. 16, p.A19

To Misspeak Is Human,” Feb. 20, p.23

The Muddy Road to Albany,” Feb. 23, p.A23

Apology And Applause,” Feb. 27, p.23

Shoot the Messenger,” March 2, p.A23

As the Sap Rises,” March 6, p.23

Windows Are Breaking,” March 9, p.A23

Portman’s Progress,” March 13, p.25

Reclaiming Our Streets,” March 16, p.A23

Pulling Westway’s Plug,” March 20, p.27

“Subways for Salvador,” March 23, p.A27

Words Fail Him,” March 27, p.23

Centrists Don’t Eat Oatmeal,” March 30, p.A19

The Playboy Tapes,” April 3, p.25

The Tycoons’ Tax Revolt,” April 6, p.A19

Credibility Gulch Cont.,” April 10, p.23

Rx for Poison: Fiction,” April 13, p.A27

You Can’t Wrap Fish With TV,” April 17, p.23

Westway: Third-Rate Cover-Up,” April 20, p.A27

They Applauded Life,” April 24, p.23

Fable From Left Field,” April 27, p.A23

On Her Own Four Feet,” May 1, p.27

A Jolly Good Fellow,” May 4, p.A31

Gentrifiers: The Greed,” May 8, p.23

Gentrifiers: The Lawyers,” May 11, p.A19

Gentrifiers: The Guns,” May 15, p.27

Gentrifiers: The Police,” May 18, p.A23

Gentrifiers: The Policy,” May 22, p.27

The Musto Experiment,” May 25, p.23

Ring Around the Collar,” May 29, p.23

Fixing the Quick Fix,” June 1, p.A23

Oratorical Mistakes,” June 5, p.23

Repairing J-51 Damage,” June 8, p.A27

The Killer-Idea Menace,” June 12, p.31

The Voices of Children,” June 15, p.A29

Pro Bono Publico,” June 19, p.25

What Price a Waiter’s Life,” June 22, p.A27

Westway Deceit 1,” June 26, p.25

Westway Deceit 2,” June 29, p.A23

The Walls Still Stand,” July 3, p.21

Catch-51 Is Alive,” July 6, p.A17

Will the Best Man Win?” July 10, p.23

The Tasmanian Devil,” July 13, p.A25

15 Days for Keeping The Peace,” July 17, p.19

Arson and J-51,” July 20, p.A23

Get the Net Out of The Closet,” July 24, p.23

Locking the Barn Door,” July 27, p.A23

Russians In the Hamptons,” July 31, p.27

The Brotherhood Waltz,” Aug. 3, p.A21

The Red-Light Menace,” Aug. 7, p.27

Two Decades Later . . .” Sept. 14, p.A27

Styx at Six,” Sept. 18, p.23

Clouding Men’s Minds,” Sept. 21, p.A27

Mythology Takes a Beating,” Sept. 25, p.27

Discarding Campaign Trash,” Sept. 28, p.A23

The Sky Is Loosening,” Oct. 2, p.27

Death of a Biology Teacher,” Oct. 5, p.A31

The First Debate,” Oct. 9, p.25

New Patterns,” Oct. 12, p.A29

Testimony About the System,” Oct. 16, p.27

Busing the Homeless,” Oct. 19, p.A31

Stealing an Election,” Oct. 23, p.27

Mississippi for a While,” Oct. 26, p.A29

Era of the New Sadism,” Oct. 30, p.27

Free the 18 Million,” Nov. 2, p.A23

Money and Talking Computers,” Nov. 6, p.27

Our New Fiscal Crisis,” Nov. 9, p.A31

Looking Good at Fires,” Nov. 13, p.23

The $250 Promise,” Nov. 16, p.A27

It’s Time To Share The Pain,” Nov. 20, p.23

If Brothers Could Cook,” Nov. 27, p.23

Tanks Traps Ahead,” Nov. 30, p.A31

Wall St.’s Turn To Help,” Dec. 4, p.27

New York Wants You!” Dec. 7, p.A31

75 Cents Is Enough,” Dec. 11, p.31

Westway’s Price List,” Dec. 14, p.A31

Strictly Beau Monde,” Dec. 18, p.27

Only Four Who Qualify?” Dec. 21, p.A29

To Forgive Is Divine,” Dec. 25, p.19

Not Getting Involved,” Dec. 28, p.A23 


The Rest Of The Story,” Jan. 1, p.19

Not Just the Fittest,” Jan. 4, p.A19

When You’re Out Of Sooths,” Jan. 8, p.23

Attica On Their Minds,” Jan. 11, p.A19

Pushing on Water,” Jan. 15, p.23

Cuomo’s Revenue Quest,” Jan. 18, p.A27

They Made It Happen,” Jan. 22, p.29

Pay What You Think,” Jan. 25, p.25

Now For the Hard Part,” Jan. 29, p.23

Feet of Claw,” Feb. 1, p.A23

Unraveling The Web,” Feb. 5, p.23

The Politics Of Unfairness,” Feb. 8, p.A21

To Tell The Truth, We Can’t,” Feb. 12, p.23

The Depression Army,” Feb. 15, p.A23

The Gray Areas,” Feb. 19, p.23

The Consulting Game,” Feb. 22, p.A19

Marching to Israel,” Feb. 26, p.23

Penalties for Puffery,” March 1, p.A23

Forgetting the Children?” March 5, p.23

How Much Truth?” March 8, p.A31

Healing Their Own,” March 12, p.23

Let the Mob Contribute,” March 15, p.A25

Me and My Shadow,” March 19, p.23

A Wake for Westway,” March 22, p.A25

Some of Their Best Friends,” March 26, p.23

A Needed Gesture,” March 29, p.A21

Preview of ’85,” April 2, p.19

The G.O.P. Vs. Women,” April 5, p.A27

Befogging The Taxpayer,” April 9, p.23

Voting for New Faces,” April 12, p.A23

Animals Will Be Animals,” April 16, p.L23

The Culture Tax,” April 19, p.A23

The Good Life of 1883,” April 23, p.23

The School Charade,” April 26, p.A23

Crocodiles As Partners,” April 30, p.23

Cuomo’s Impasse Arrives,” May 3, p.A27

A New Class of Landlord,” May 7, p.23

“The Same Old Scandal,” May 10, p.A25

The Toothbrush Test,” May 14, p.23

Accident Definition,” May 17, p.A27

Voodoo Education,” May 21, p.23

A Baffling Epidemic,” May 24, p.A25

Terror In Tudor City,” May 28, p.23

Nice Guys Go to Jail,” May 31, p.A21

Trump For Mayor,” June 4, p.23

A Hotfoot for Transit,” June 7, p.A23

The Monster We Created,” June 11, p.23

The Kissinger Debate,” June 14, p.A23

Santa Claus in June,” June 18, p.23

Stay Home, Rising Star,” June 21, p.A29

The Carte Blanche Express,” June 25, p.23

Beyond Contempt,” June 28, p.A27

A Wonderful Pretend,” July 2, p.21

A Chasm Too Wide,” July 5, p.A19

Hip Boots Or Gloves?” July 9, p.21

Crossing The Line,” July 26, p.21

Something You Can Count On,” July 30, p.21

No Foreigners Need Apply,” Aug. 2, p.A19


Surrounded by Givers,” Jan. 3, p.A19

A Wee Gift in Return,” Jan. 7, p.23

Is Anybody Hungry?” Jan. 10, p.A23

The Stewart Case,” Jan. 14, p.21

Vital Signs in the Bronx,” Jan. 17, p.A25

The Mayor’s Brook,” Jan. 21, p.21

No Drinks on the House,” Jan. 24, p.A25

Love With a Gas Mask,” Jan. 28, p.23

“The Unseen Casualties,” Jan. 31, p.A23

Reagan’s Homeless,” Feb. 4, p.23

Donald Humbug,” Feb. 7, p.A25 

The Bus Stops Here,” Feb. 11, p.27

Schoolyard Recreation,” Feb. 14, p.A27

Mire and Muck and Beelzebub,” Feb. 18, p.23

Bricks and Local Power,” Feb. 21, p.A23

Cars in a Shoe Box,” Feb. 25, p.23

The Boudin Trial,” Feb. 28, p.A27

Park Avenue Pique,” March 3, p.23

My Little Sex Object,” March 6, p.A23

The Search for Sam Todd,” March 10, p.23

A Good 5 Cent Misery Index,” March 13, p.A27

One Tar for All,” March 17, p.23

Bagging the Brown Bag Mob,” March 20, p.A23

Our Samurai Spring,” March 24, p.23

The Rape Trial,” March 27, p.A31

A Woman Without A Name,” March 31, p.23

Reagan’s Homeless Cont’d,” April 3, p.A31

Clearing Men’s Minds,” April 7, p.25

Jackson as Polarizer,” April 10, p.A31

Refurbishgate,” April 14, p.25

Potholes Matter,” April 17, p.A23

The Wizardry of Oz,” April 21, p.19

“Mad Dogs And Bayonets,” April 24, p.A27

Adult Abuse,” April 28, p.23

Informing on Drugs,” May 1, p.A31

Other Voices,” May 5, p.25

The City’s Split Taxes,” May 8, p.A31

Tooth Fairies Don’t Rent,” May 12, p.23

The Essence of Life,” May 15, p.A29

Mondale Has Great Legs,” May 19, p.23

The Crime of Poverty,” May 22, p.A27

Playing It Safe,” May 26, p.23

Let Them Go,” May 29, p.A19

Getting On the Team,” June 2, p.23

Baseball Isn’t for Nihilists,” June 5, p.A27

Corruption Ignored,” June 9, p.23

Corruption Ignored 2,” June 12, p.A27

A Serious Event,” June 15, p.A27

Overcrowded Choice,” June 19, p.A27

The Loudest Voices,” June 22, p.A27

Keeping Doors Open,” June 26, p.A25

Shut Up Or Get Out,” June 29, p.A27

Places at the Table,” July 24, p.A21

Getting to Know You,” July 28, p.23

Tis the Season to Be Pandering,” July 31, p.A21

Adult Abuse Cont’d,” Aug. 4, p.23

Let Them Eat Boutiques,” Aug. 7, p.A25

Blurring the Line,” Aug. 11, p.23

Running for Cover,” Aug. 14, p.A23

It’s Sitting Still That’s Risky,” Aug. 18, p.23

The Mondaro Credibility Gap,” Aug. 21, p.A25

Want-Ad Responses,” Aug. 25, p.23

Reach Out and Porn Someone,” Aug. 28, p.A19

Blotting Out The Sun,” Sept. 1, p.23

Rappaport Sounds the Alarm,” Sept.  4, p.A21

Thoughts of an Infidel,” Sept. 8, p.21

Must We Identify U.F.O.’s?” Sept. 11, p.A31

Color-blind Is Black,” Sept. 15, p.23

Keeping Women Out,” Sept. 18, p.A27

Tax Breaks Never Die,” Sept. 22, p.25

Crime and Spectacle,” Sept. 25, p.A27

Dodging at the Green,” Sept. 29, p.23

Please Vote, but Not So Fast,” Oct. 2, p.A31

Walking on the Red,” Oct. 6, p.23

Westway’s Sleaze Factor,” Oct. 9, p.A33

The G.O.P. Goes for the Jews,” Oct. 13, p.27

Two Small Steps for Security,” Oct. 16, p.A31

George the Gender Bender,” Oct. 20, p.A33

Emptying and Gentrifying,” Oct. 23, p.A33

New Westway Dictionary,” Oct. 27, p.25

50,000 Displeased Persons,” Dec. 4, p.A31

Charity Begins at the Movies,” Dec. 8, p.23

Deciding Who Counts,” Dec. 11, p.A31

Progress and Breaking Eggs,” Dec. 15, p.23

Put Up Your Dukes,” Dec. 18, p.A31

Asking For Her Happy Life,” Dec. 22, p.23

No Room in the City,” Dec. 25, p.27

A New Morality Play,” Dec. 29, p.21


Peter Kihss, Reporter,” Jan. 1, p.27

Support Your Local Shooter,” Jan. 5, p.21

Seeing Cabals Everywhere,” Jan. 8, p.A19

Gold on 44th Street,” Jan. 12, p.21

Fingers in the Dike,” Jan. 15, p.A19

The Bernhard Goetz Mailbag,” Jan. 19, p.21

“The Poverty Divide,” Jan. 22, p.A25

Pyramids That Cloud the Mind,” Jan. 26, p.21

The Protected Coroner,” Jan. 29, p.A27

Governing the Headline,” Feb. 2, p.21

The Purloined City,” Feb. 5, p.A25

The Pallid Opposition,” Feb. 9, p.23

$14,500 for Teachers Ain’t Pay,” Feb. 12, p.A19

Give Kiley And Gunn Some Time,” Feb. 16, p.23

His Nose Keeps Growing,” Feb. 19, p.A23

The Non-Reflecting Mayor,” Feb. 23, p.23

Breaking Up the Gang,” Feb. 26, p.A27

The Mood Has Changed,” March 2, p.23

Boondoggle Local Choice,” March 5, p.A27

Doer and Slumlord Both,” March 9, p.23

Manny and Nina, Are You Real?” March 12, p.A31

Home-Truth Report,” March 16, p.23

A Lot of Talk About Crime,” May 19, p.A25

The I.R.S. Image Problem,” March 30, p.23

Our Kids and Cocaine,” April 2, p.A27

Cambodia Forgotten 1,” April 6, p.19

Cambodia Forgotten 2,” April 9, p.A29

The Land Of Hustle and Con,” April 13, p.23

Memory Is the Answer,” April 23, p.A27

Thoughts About Police Scandals,” April 27, p.23

Taking the Joy Out of Baseball,” April 30, p.A31

Let ‘Em Move Wherever,” May 4, p.27

The Letters Home,” May 7, p.A31

Holes In the Law,” May 11, p.25

Color Accountability Gray,” May 14, p.A27

When Children Play With Mud Pies,” May 18, p.25

The Possible Is Possible,” May 21, p.A27

When Silence Is Poison,” May 25, p.23

A Tidal Wave of Bad Fortune,” May 28, p.A19

Assault by Crane,” June 1, p.23

Child Abuse Revisited,” June 4, p.A29

Turning Parks Into Pit Stops,” June 8, p.23

Merits and Misconduct,” June 11, p.A27

Exploiting the Homeless,” June 15, p.23

The Crooks Are in Charge,” June 18, p.A27

The Crooks Are in Charge 2,” June 22, p.27

The Concrete Wall of Silence,” June 25, p.A27

It’s Machine Gun Time,” June 29, p.25

Getting ‘the Message’,” July 2, p.A19

The Testimony Doesn’t Wash,” July 6, p.21

Where Are the Indians?” July 9, p.A27

Poverticians Make Good Campaign Workers,” July 13, p.21

A Roy Cohn Sampler,” July 16, p.A23

Campaign of Silence,” July 20, p.23

Towers, Towers, Everywhere,” July 23, p.A27

Cajun Flies And Westway,” Jul 27, p.23

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