The Book in Pictures

After “Beyond the Killing Fields” book was completed and Sydney was waiting to see the finished manuscript, he began to explore boxes of photographs and papers collected following his return from Cambodia in 1975. Some of the photos had been used as source material for his article “The Death and Life of Dith Pran,” which appeared in the New York Times Magazine, while others were referenced during the making of the film “The Killing Fields.” In his archive, he discovered many forgotten pictures taken of specific places and events described in the book. Those have been gathered by chapter and appear only on this website. References to events in the book, by page number, can be found in the captions. Some additional photographs (not from the Schanberg archive) and videos also appear on the photo pages.

Sydney Schanberg at Veal Sbau, Cambodia, August 6, 1973

Click photo to see pictures for Chapter One: Cambodia

Sydney Schanberg with Indian army officer during the war for Bangladesh independence

Click photo to see pictures for Chapter Three: Bangladesh

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)

Click photo to see photo and videos for Chapter Six: Vietnam POW Cover-up

Dith Pran in Siem Riep, in a photo taken in 1979

Click photo to see pictures for Chapter Two: The Killing Fields

Tanks in the street in Phnompenh during the 1997 military coup d'etat

Click photo to see pictures for Chapter Five: Military Coup in Cambodia

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