Village Voice Articles 2002-06



A Journey Through the Tangled Case of the Central Park Jogger,” Nov. 19, p.36.


Bush’s Fairy Tale World,” Feb. 19-Feb. 25, p.29.

Monsters Of the Moment,” March 11, p.45.

The Itch,” March 25, p.13.

Bush’s Ever Shifting Absolutes,” April 1.

Lies, Damned Lies, Campaign Promises,” April 30-May 6, p.36.

The News No One Dares to Cover,” June 10. (This article first appeared in The Washington Post on August 29, 1999)

Fear and Favor at ‘The New York Times,’” June 10, p.41.

A Legend in His Own Mind,” June 24, p.24.

Bush Still Playing With the Truth On Iraq,” Aug. 19, p.43.

Bush’s New Federal Math Leaves Kids Far Behind,” Sept. 16, p.38.

Clark’s Changing Tune on Iraq,” Sept. 23, p.37.

The Secrets Clark Kept,” Sept. 30, p.38.

The Widening Crusade,” Oct. 14, p.32.

Bloomberg’s Mixed Report Card,” Nov. 11, p.24.

The Bodies Come Home,” Dec. 9, p.46.


Clark’s Run Still Clouded,” Jan. 20, p.28.

Did America Abandon Vietnam War P.O.W.s?,” Feb 17.

Did America Abandon Vietnam War P.O.W’s? Part 2,” Feb. 17.

George Bush, Make-Believe President,” Feb. 10, p.39.

When John Kerry’s Courage Went M.I.A.,” Feb.17.

Turning Point,” April 13, p. 1.

Is This America? For Now, Maybe,” May 4, p.26.

Bush’s 9-11 Problem,” June 15, p.20.

Smile — That’s the Ticket!,” July 6.

Brothers-In-Cover-Up,” July 27, p.32.

Vietnam, The War That Won’t Heal,” Aug. 10, p.34.

Convention of Hate,” Aug. 31, p.28.

Bush and the Press in the Age of Chaos,” Sept. 21, p.34.

Anatomy of a Story,” Oct 26, p.20.

The Great Divider,” Nov. 2, p.19.


Bush’s Almanac,” Jan. 18, p.26.

A Bad Call at the Times,” April 5, p.24.

A Time for Disobedience,” April 12, p.24.

TV Blesses the New Pope,” April 19, p.24.

Viacom Execs Get $100 Mil,” April 26, p.24.

No Noose is Good News,” May 3, p.24.

Not A Pretty Picture,” May 10, p.28.

Show of Farce,” May 17, p.34.

A Sorry Mess,” May 24, p.22.

Senator Goes Missing,” May 31, p.24.

“Thesaurus Rex: The President’s War on Words,” June 2

Paper-Trained? No,” June 7, p.28.

“Accounts Payable,” June 22-June 28, p.20.

Woodward’s Debt to Deep Throat,” June 14.

Extinguished Journalist,” June 21, p.20.

Two-Timed By ‘Time’,” June 28, p.18.

The Plame Game,” July 5, p.20.

War, Lies, and E-mail,” July 12, p.20.

Rx For Info Overload,” July 19, p.18.

Repairing Leaks,” Aug. 2, p.20.

Serving a Life Term,” Aug. 9, p.24.

Hear Novak Tell All!” Aug. 16, p.24.

Spinning Tales,” Aug. 23, p.30.

Third World,” Sept. 16, p.30.

The Caste System,” Sept. 13, p.24.

How Many More Will Die in Iraq?” Sept. 20, p.39.

Full Disclosure,” Oct. 4.

Paper Chastened,” Oct. 11, p.28.

The Iraq War Runs Through It,” Oct. 11

Patching Things Up,” Nov. 25, p.28.

Repairing Journalism,” Nov. 1, p.22.

Woodward’s Dis,” Nov. 8, p.22.

Woodward’s Version,” Nov. 15, p.33.

All the Reporter’s Men,” Nov. 15, p.32.

If Old Journalism Dies . . .,” Nov. 22, p.22.

How Do They Deceive You?” Nov 29, p.22.

The Moral High Ground,” Dec. 6, p.20.

Wretch-Stained Ink,” Dec. 13, p.24.

Checks and No Balance,” Dec. 20.


The Messenger Takes a Beating,” Jan. 3, p.20.

Empirical News,” Jan. 10, p.22.

The Unseen War in Iraq,” Jan. 17, p.20.

Show Me the Money,” Jan 24, p.24.

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